We’re Trusted Local House Cleaners In Phoenix

HHCS’s primary aim is to serve people who value their time, care about their health, and want to clean their house regularly. Our maids go further than cleaning your house, and we maintain a longer relationship by providing you quality and satisfactory regular cleaning in Phoenix.
When you hire our cleaning services, we believe it’s all about you, your family, and your life. We try our best to maintain the standard by being punctual and keeping the quality of work at the most affordable rates in Phoenix.

HHCS Maids Are Here For You

HHCS is a locally owned and operated cleaning business in Phoenix with national standards, so you always get a 100% satisfaction guarantee, reliability, and consistent, thorough cleaning. We guarantee that every cleaner we send to your home is properly background checked and screened because we don’t give jobs on independent contracts.

We want to become lifesavers and partners for our clients who have busy routines but always want a clean and fresh home after a hectic day.

We don’t make contracts with our customers; it is their choice to hire us anytime they want and when their house needs cleaning. We have different scheduled plans that are daily, weekly, biweekly and monthly plans. You can set your appointment according to your budget and cleaning needs.

Our Regularly Scheduled Cleaning Plans

We make it easier for you by keeping the cleaning plans for all our customers. You can book any plan and relax. Happy Houses Cleaning maids will be at your doorstep on the appointed day and time.

Weekly Cleaning Plan

Our weekly cleaning plan fits those clients who have a lot of guests at their homes on weekends and need to clean the house on weekends. Hire HHCS and get your house cleaned weekly.

Biweekly Cleaning Plan

This plan fits those who have kids at home and have a lot of mess daily. Getting things done biweekly with professional cleaners will help you a lot.

Monthly Cleaning Plan

This plan is for clients who are busy with work and does on and off shifts. They get a monthly cleaning plan. This plan is best because you get your home clean once a month.



Regularly scheduled cleaning is way better and more affordable than other cleaning services for people living with their families. The starting rates are comparatively lower than other cleaning companies. The rates may get changed because of other cleaning factors.

Price for 1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom and Kitchen Per Apartment.

Tailored Home Cleaning Packages

HHCS can tailor a home cleaning package per your requirement and cleaning needs. You can also choose any plan with a customized cleaning list and make it easy for you and your family. Our tailoring package needs information about the number of bedrooms and bathrooms your house owns so we can customize accordingly. You can call us at (480) 459-3289 to get free quotes about our services.

Other Cities We Are Covering

Other Cities We Are Covering
Denver – Colorado,
Miami – Florida,
Atlanta – Georgia,
Portland – Oregon,
Austin – Texas,
Dallas and Fort – Worth Texas,
Houston – Texas,
Seattle – Washington.

We Will Clean Your Home With Advance Cleaning Techniques

Our maids know the most advanced ways of cleaning your house. They won’t create any mess while cleaning your home. Giving you quality services and peace of mind are our priorities.


We offer loyalty tokens to all our customers based on the recurring service. For instance, if you hire our maids for a second time for your home cleaning, you will get a loyalty token. We always suggest our customers buy a biweekly plan to get the token and quality cleaning.


15% Off Weekly


10% Off Bi-Weekly


5% Off Monthly

What Areas Are Included In Regularly Scheduled Cleaning?

  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom

Additional work can be on request with charges applied.

Our Customizable Cleaning Checklist

We offer a flat rate to all our customers in Phoenix for a better experience. HHCS also provides a customizable cleaning checklist so that you can customize it according to your budget and cleaning needs.


  • All fixtures were hand wiped clean.
  • Hand wiped cleaning all cabinets and drawers interior/exterior.
  • Scrub down the counter and backsplash.
  • Clean and disinfect sinks and faucets
  • Wipe down microwave interior/exterior.
  • Hand wiped oven and refrigerator exterior.
  • Wash sinks and countertops backsplash.
  • Floors vacuuming and wet mopped.
  • Remove trash, wipe down the trash can and replace the liner.
  • Wash dishes
  • Light switches wiped.


  • Light fixtures and light switches hand wiped.
  • Streak-free mirror cleaning
  • Clean and disinfect sinks, shower walls, tub, and showerheads.
  • Wipe down all cabinets interior/ exterior.
  • Clean and shine tiles and glass doors.
  • Hand wiped countertops.
  • Clean and disinfect toilet and toilet area
  • Vacuum bathroom rugs.
  • Floor scrubbed and disinfected.
  • Remove trash, wipe down the trash can and replace the liner.


  • Ceiling fans and light fixtures hand wiped 
  • Mirror cleaned streak-free
  • Floors vacuuming and dust mopped or wet mopped
  • Remove trash and replace the liner
  • Make the bed or change linens (need to be provided)
  • Hand cleaning railings and handrails (polishing if wood)

Regular Cleaning Services At Market Competitive Rates

The cost of our services varies from state to state as per distance. We offer a flat rate for one bedroom and bathroom, kitchen. But other factors can affect the cleaning prices. If you want to add laundry to your regularly scheduled cleaning, you will be charged for that. For instance, the total amount will be high but affordable if you have more bedrooms and bathrooms. You can call us for free quotes about our services, discuss your cleaning needs in detail, and get our costs quickly.

Our Graceful Clients

It was the best decision to hire your crew for regular cleaning. Cleaners always showed up on time and cleaned my home very nicely. I am happy with the cleaning, and the rates are affordable. Thanks, team HHCS for making a fantastic team of cleaners.
B Jasper

Client, Happy Houses

HHCS’s lovely maids have made a big difference in my overall routine by keeping my home clean. I won the loyalty token of cleaning the second time. The maids are very professional, and my house rooms are adequately cleaned. I am impressed!
Myda Zeon

Client, Happy Houses

I always have a fresh smile on my face every evening after work because I know my house will be cleaned the way I want. The services are quality and satisfactory. I have an add-on with them, which is affordable and done on time.
Ashton Kh

Client, Happy Houses

Don’t worry! We have answers for you!

Do you offer regularly scheduled cleaning around Phoenix?

Yes, we offer regularly scheduled cleaning in Phoenix and 40 miles of its surrounding. Call us for information.

Why should I hire a cleaning company?

Because a cleaning company has professional and trained cleaners, they meet and greet your house cleaning like their own.

Is laundry also included in your services?

Yes, we offer laundry as an additional service because there should be a different cleaner who will do the laundry.

Do you offer one-time cleaning services?

Yes, We offer a one-time cleaning service, without any contracts.

What happens if the cleaner gets physically ill.

We always have a backup employee on reserve, and before sending him to your place, we will inform you about her.